Interview with Will

- Living Life in Rugged Style -

Question 1. Tell us a bit about your background

My name is Will and I’m based in the UK. I grew up very interested in military history and men’s fashion. I also listened to a lot of punk rock and spent time skateboarding, which inevitably influenced my style. 


Question 2. How did you first become interested in fashion( especially for Japanese Fashion)?

My interest in menswear and style stems from collecting vintage American clothing for 20 years. From there I began to write for a number of menswear/style publications on topics including the impact of military style on menswear, classic men’s garments and brand history/identity.

Question 3. What is your favorite thing about what you do?

I love working with like-minded creatives and brands who have interesting and inspiring stories to tell. I’ve always loved ‘product’ too - so it’s great to be surrounded by great clothing and accessories.

Question 4. What do you pay attention to when selecting products?

Brand ethos, history and style are critical for me. I like to really ‘invest’ in a brand and want to feel confident in its authenticity. At a product level, construction, longevity and functionality are the most important. I need a product to work for me and suit my lifestyle habits, as well as being versatile and able to be used in a number of different situations. 


Question 5. I'm sure you've seen many brands, clothes, bags, shoes, and so on. What made you choose BRIEFING among them?

I’d always been aware of BRIEFING, as I love bags and luggage. What really drew me to the brand was it’s combination of American tactical style with Japanese design sensibilities. In addition, BRIEFING product is incredibly hard wearing, well made and very functional.

Question 6. Which of BRIEFING's bags do you like best? What do you like best about it?

I love the GYM PACK MW. I use this bag every day no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going. It’s large enough to accommodate anything I might need on a day-to-day basis and has great functionality in terms of carry and storage.

Question 7. Where would you like to go with your BRIEFING bag? What kind of clothes would you like to wear with it?

Japan! I would love to travel to Japan in the next few years once travel is more routine again. I’d style my BRIEFING bag with some functional and comfortable clothing from New Balance, Engineered Garments and OrSlow - some sneakers, fatigue pants and a utility shirt.

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