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Interview with Will- Living Life in Rugged Style –

Tell us a bit about your background My name is Will and I’m based in the UK. I grew up very interested in military history and men’s fashion. I also listened to a lot of punk rock and spent time skateboarding, which inevitably influenced my style.  How did you first become interested in fashion( especially for Japanese […]


– DELTA – The DELTA collection is a new series in the BRIEFING MADE IN USA collection that pursues a basic style and BRIEFING’s signature durable functional beauty. The design director, who oversees all BRIEFING products, wanted to create a new series for BRIEFING USA. The ruggedness of BRIEFING and the new design coexist, and […]

White Mountaineering x BRIEFING- An Interview with Yosuke Aizawa

We are proud to announce our third collaboration with White Mountaineering. Throughout our collaborations, we have developed products that have their own unique appeal, combining our strengths with the visions of the designers we work with. For our latest collaboration, we launched shoulder bags featuring White Mountaineering’s original wave camouflage print fabric, available in two colorways […]

The little things, processes, and their environments

“I try to get inspiration from things around me rather than looking too closely at or studying other people’s techniques. I think it’s just your general experiences that shape you, whether it’s how you were raised or what you’ve done with your friends recently or recently. That’s what shapes everything.” -Rob Schanz Rob Schanz Profile(IG:@robschanz): […]